Tilapia is the World’s Fastest Growing Fish Crop

According to a recent study that was carried out by the American Tilapia Association, it was revealed that tilapia is presently the fifth most well-liked seafood eaten in the US. In addition, tilapia farming is the fastest growing aquaculture in the US and around the globe.

Tilapia is also referred to as St. Peter’s fish (because it is believed to be the fish snared by St. Peter in the Sea of Galilee). Tilapia farming has been in existence in Israel for approximately 2,500 years. Unknown to most people is that there are more than 100 classes of tilapia in addition to a number of hybrids. Sketches of tilapia farm have been discovered on Egyptian tombs dating back to as far as 2,500 B.C.

Tilapia played a major role for the Taiwanese folks following World War II. A majority of individuals would have perished if the fish had not been easily accessible as a minimal cost food source. It is the hope of rich nations that tilapia can be provided as a protein source to assist those that are residing in poor nations.


Tilapia fish are rich in protein, minimal in sodium, minimal in saturated fats and cholesterol is made up of essential omega-3 fatty acids, B complex minerals such as iron, phosphorous, calcium and potassium on top of anti-oxidants. They also have tremendously minimal mercury levels in comparison to other types of fish as a result of their short life spans.

Purchasing, storing and handling

Whilst shopping for your groceries, make sure that seafood are the last items in your shopping list. Moreover, store them in a cooler while driving back home. Unlike what you may have heard, it is not that difficult to identify fresh tilapia. You can check the freshness of the tilapia you are buying by:

-        It should have a glossy surface with firmly sticking scales.

-        The gills ought to be crimson and should not contain mucus or slime. Furthermore, there should be no smell coming from the gills.

-        The tummy cavity ought to be clean and should not have cuts.

-        The fish ought to have a slight whiff comparable to the ocean.

To prevent instances of contamination, separate cooked tilapia from uncooked seafood. Once you have handled raw fish, meticulously clean knives, chopping boards, sponges plus hands using hot soapy water. Seafood should always be marinated in the refrigerator and get rid of the marinade once you are through.

Beer soaked tilapia

Serving capacity: Six

Groupings: Main dish


-        Two and a half pounds of tilapia fillets.

-        Two teaspoons of butter.