The Basics of Marketing Farmed Tilapia

There has been massive growth in the popularity of tilapia worldwide and that is why you are quite urged to know all the basics in marketing your harvested fresh tilapia so that you get the best price for them. Who wants to be satisfied with just being able to “unload them” when they are in such high demand?  After reading this, you will surely get more interested in the business of farming tilapia.


Because farming tilapia is not that hard, the price of this seafood is not as expensive supermarkettilapia 300x203 The Basics of Marketing Farmed Tilapiaas compared with some other seafood. Tilapia prices will only change depending on the quantity that a customer will buy, the exporting country, and the nature of the store that sells tilapia. Tilapia is still affordable compared to others though there is an increased price on some stores. This is pushing a lot of entrepreneurs to try out tilapia farming.


If you are a producer of fresh tilapia, it will be a good start if you will first offer your products to seafood restaurants since you can make them as your regular buyers if they are satisfied with your products. Be sure you have put all your knowledge in farming tilapia so that your products will be bankable to seafood restaurants. Consider introducing your harvested tilapia with a cheaper or wholesale price.


If you don’t have any contacts or known seafood restaurants, you can always shift your sales to wet markets. All your sacrifices in tilapia farming will be surely paid when you sell them to wet markets. Most of the sellers there are demanding for bulk orders making you sell all your products in a matter of hours.


If you are planning to be a tilapia exporter, be sure you have all the resources needed for exporting. You can even enlist the services of an export agent to guide you through this process in the beginning.  You will always gain back all your expenses in exporting tilapia since lots of countries now love the taste of tilapia. This marketing strategy is just recommendable to those who can spend the money upfront since larger amount of expenses are needed in exportation of products.