Learn a Few Useful Things About Tilapia Farming

People have various economic activities that they carry out to support their lives. This depends on the surrounding climatic conditions. There are certain economic activities that can only be carried out in particular places. This means that they cannot do well in other conditions. People who live near large water bodies have greater chances of carrying out fishing. Some individuals specialize in rearing fish in their own fish ponds. Tilapia farming is also practiced in different places all over the world.

Tilapia is quite popular in most parts of the world. This means that there is ready market available for these products. They are bought by large restaurants to prepare them for customers who prefer them. There are certain regions whose main dishes are made from fish. Most customers prefer fresh tilapia and therefore they would come for your products. These form major sources of animal proteins and therefore are preferred in different parts of the world. The tilapias are supposed to be raised in ponds. The pond is suitable for this activity because it enables the fish to feed on the natural plants that grow in these water bodies.

The fish farmer must know how to regulate the population of these animals. This enables him produce quality fish in the market. When the fish become so many, they start competing for the available food hence some may go without the meals for so many days. In this case the weaker and slower ones will not grow bigger. This high population is experienced when both male and female tilapia fish are kept together. In this case, the fish should be harvested regularly to control their population. As a rule of thumb, the fish also need food for their survival in water. When you feel that plankton have reduced in number, then you may apply organic materials such as manure on the pond to facilitate the growth of more plankton so that your tilapia attracts the eyes of customers.

A number of farmers use shallow ponds because they can easily be drained during harvesting seasons. The bottom of the pond should be allowed to dry before introducing new fish into this pond. This allows killing of any unwanted stock that may interfere with the new stock. In some cases you may opt to rear tilapia with other species. This may enable you to get hybrid fish at some point. As long as the different species in the water are able to utilize various food niches, the tilapias will not have certain problems.

When you can follow the guidelines for rearing fish properly, then you are likely to succeed in your tilapia farming. As a fish farmer, you have to come up with ways of controlling pest and diseases that may interfere with your production. There are larger animals that can really lower your yield if you do not consider ways of keeping them away. Dogs prey on fish and therefore should not have a chance to move near your pond. Keep your pond clean so that your fish do not die prematurely because of pollution.