Feeding and Harvesting Farmed Tilapia

Planning to start tilapia farming but having doubts as to how to feed and harvest tilapia? Feeding and harvesting tilapia will influence tilapia farming.

How to feed tilapia?

If you want a good harvest of tilapia then you must feed the tilapia accordingly. Tilapia requires many nutrients and the requirement of each nutrient is determined by many factors.The factors like size, condition and age influence the quantity of nutrients that you should include in the diet of the tilapia on a tilapia farm. You must take care of the quality and quantity of the various components of the tilapia diet.

Earlier people used to think that the growth of tilapia could be maximized by increasing Tilapia Feed jpg 300x249 Feeding and Harvesting Farmed Tilapiathe amount of food in their diet. But later research showed that maximizing the intake of food affected the harvest of farming tilapia. It lead to uneaten feed which reduced the quality of water, breeding performance and fish health.

Tilapia farming can give you huge profits only if the breeding rate of tilapia is high. If you want the breeding rate to go high then you must increase the level of protein and energy in the diet. “Small fish, small feed; large fish, large feed” is the philosophy used by many people who are into farming tilapia.  But that is not true for tilapia fishes. Tilapia fishes prefer only small feeds.

How to harvest tilapia?

The most important part of farming tilapia is harvesting. The best way to harvest tilapia is through draining and seining.  Capturing tilapia is not at all easy as tilapias are skillful jumpers. Seining alone is not enough. There are many techniques of harvesting like thinning, draining and seining.

Seining is not recommended while harvesting tilapia in the pond as it does not ensure total harvesting. Mixed sex culture and male fingerling rearing are some techniques that help in increasing harvest in tilapia farming. The growth rate of tilapia can be promoted by mixed sex culture and male fingerling rearing.